About Thryft

We're building the infrastructure for social commerce.
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Thryft in Numbers

  • $200k+

    Total sales volume
  • 6

    Months since launch
  • 2k+

    websites created

Our Journey

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    We started by trying to build a secondhand clothing marketplace focused on curation and sustainability (competing with Depop & Poshmark), but struggled to acquire both buyers and sellers onto a totally new platform.
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    While (unsuccessfully) trying to recruit Instagram sellers to sell on our app, we learned that despite a fragmented and inefficient selling process, they loved selling on Instagram because of the lack of fees and the ability to personalize their brand. So, we pivoted from building our own marketplace to building tools that make selling on Instagram faster and easier.
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    The future of the secondhand market is in social apps like Instagram and Tik Tok, not marketplaces like Depop and Poshmark. As more and more commerce moves to Instagram, these marketplaces' 10-20% take rate will become less justified over time. By providing tools like checkouts, shipping and order management to social sellers -- without charging a ridiculously high commission -- Thryft will eventually replace these marketplaces.
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Our Principles

What we built our company on, and what gets us out of bed in the morning.

The Seller

Most of our time is spent learning from our sellers and building features for them. We know how hard it is to start, run and grow a small business, so everything we do is to help our sellers grow & thrive. When they succeed, so do we.


As thrifters, we know that trust is crucial to the secondhand ecosystem. Scammers hurt the fabric of the entire community. That's why we built features like reviews & buyer protection, and practice a zero-tolerance policy against scamming or misleading customers.



Unlike traditional website builders who profit from drop-shippers & fast fashion, Thryft is built specifically for sellers of unique or secondhand items. By empowering these small businesses to sell more, we are directly supporting sustainability.

Our Team

We're both thrifters who are passionate about social commerce, sustainability & tech

Capri Wheaton
Co-founder, CEO

Capri Wheaton

I am an avid thrifter and fashion fanatic. My hobbies include staging makeshift editorial photoshoots with friends, playing tennis, and drinking my bodyweight in coffee.

Sam Yang
Co-founder, CTO

Sam Yang

I'm an avid thrift/vintage shopper, hacker & designer. I previously built an AI doppelganger-finder app w/ 200,000+ users. I enjoy playing basketball & making music.