Getting Set Up

How do I sync all my available listings from Instagram?
From your dashboard, click "Sync Instagram". Thryft should automatically start fetching your Instagram feed. If it doesn't load anything within 10 seconds, click "Fetch Latest Posts" again. Once it's done loading, you should see all of your available listings from Instagram. Just add/edit any products' information (price, shipping cost, etc.) & click "Create X Listings"!
How do I use Thryft for a livestream or story sale?
We recommend our "invoice" feature, which allows your customers to create invoices (& thereby listings) + pay for them in the same session -- such that you won't need to create or edit listings during your livestream or story sale (e.g.

Then, you can just put your website's invoice link in your Instagram bio during your live/story sale & tell customers to pay on your website by creating invoices.
How do I create a drop/live link?
From your dashboard, go to Create > Drop. Then, add as many products as you'd like and click "Create Drop w/ x Items". You'll get a unique checkout link for each product and also a "parent" link that links to all the products in your drop (this link should pop up).
How do I edit products in a drop once it's been created?
Go to your drops page. Find the drop you'd like to edit, and click "Edit Drop". Then, just edit any product/drop information you'd like, and make sure to save your changes by clicking "Update Drop".
How can I schedule my drops to happen at a specific time?
Go to Settings > Plans, and subscribe to the "Entrepreneur" plan.

When creating or editing your drop, at the bottom of the page you can set the "release time" in the future.
Can I sell digital products through my Thryft website?
Yes! You can sell digital products that contain a file like a thrifting guide, a private video, a Lightroom preset, etc. or digital products that don't contain a file at the time of purchase (like a custom video).
How can I set "options" or "variants" for a product?
While creating or editing a product, click "Show Advanced". The, turn on the switch on the right of "Custom Options". From there, you'll be able to add "size", "color" and "style" options. If you choose to add custom options, your customers will be asked to select the options they want before they can purchase your product(s).

If you want to set different prices and quantities for your product variants, click "Show" to the right of "Variant Options"; you should then see a table-like UI where you can set variant quantities and prices.


Where can I find my website link?
Go to your website page on your dashboard; your link should be at the top.
How do I get a custom domain (e.g. "")?
Go to Settings > Plans, and subscribe to the "Entrepreneur" plan.

Then, just let us know (via Instagram @shopthryft) which custom domain you would like, and we'll get you set up.
What if I already have a website?
We can replace your current website, and save you all the time & energy you spend uploading tons of unnecessary information, designing your site, integrating with 3rd party shipping services, etc.

If you already own a domain, that's perfect -- we can help you configure your domain to point to your Thryft site as well.
How can I access my website's analytics, like page views, checkout conversion rate, etc?
Go to Settings > Plans, and subscribe to the "Entrepreneur" plan.

Then, go to Website > Analytics, and enable analytics -- you should now be able to view your website analytics (including from the period before you subscribed).
How can I add links to category and brand pages to my website header (navbar)?
Go to Website > Header, and scroll down to the Navbar' section. You'll see two dropdowns; on the left one you'll need to select a "Link Type", which you can set to either "Category", "Brand" or "Custom Page". On the right, you can select which category, brand or custom page you want to link to.

If you click "Add Navbar Link +", you'll be able to add more navbar links in the same way.
How can I add custom pages to my website (for ex. an "about" page)?
1. Go to Website > Custom Pages

Click "Create +". In the pop-up set route as "about", and name as "About Me" (this might already be pre-filled) & click "Create"

3. On the next page, start designing your page with the drag & drop editor. You can click on the "about page" image under "templates" to apply a basic page template. Your edits will be saved automatically BUT your page won’t yet be "published" until...

4. Click "publish" at the top right to make your latest edits show up on your live website

5. (IMPORTANT) - To make sure visitors can actually get to your new page, you'll need to add a link to the page to your website's navbar (see above FAQ)


How do I get a shipping label for an order through Thryft?
From your orders page, click "Ship" on the order you'd like to ship (see next FAQ on how to batch ship). On the next page, enter the package weight, select a shipping rate and click "Ship Order".

You'll be taken to a page where you can download your shipping label; it'll also be sent to your email automatically.
Can I ship multiple orders at once?
Yes! Click "Batch Ship" at the top of your orders page and select the orders you'd like to ship (click "Select All" to select all unshipped orders). On the next page, enter package weights and select a shipping rate for each order, then click "Ship Orders".

You'll then be taken to a page where you can download all your labels in a single PDF, as well as a scan form. You may need to refresh the page a couple times for them to appear. These will both be sent to your email as well.
Do I have to send customers tracking numbers or updates?
Nope! We'll automatically send you and your customers tracking updates on their orders to email, and -- coming soon -- phone & push.
What is dynamic shipping?
Dynamic shipping is an optional feature that allows you to charge your customers their orders' exact shipping cost right when they check out -- so you wouldn't need to estimate a shipping cost and/or overcharge for shipping.

Dynamic shipping is enabled on an item-by-item basis. To enable dynamic shipping on an item, select the "dynamic" shipping cost option when you create/edit the listing, and enter the item's weight.
Do you support Canadian sellers?
Yes! We integrate with Canada Post, so you can generate Canada Post labels through Thryft as well.
How do I charge more for international shipping?
If you enable dynamic shipping then international shipping costs will be dynamically calculated for you.

If not, then you can set your "international shipping cost" in Settings > Shipping. By default this is $25, meaing that if your customer is outside of your country, they'll be charged $25 for shipping on their order.
How are we (Thryft) able to provide the lowest USPS shipping rates?
USPS Commercial Pricing. To get Commercial Pricing directly from USPS you would need to ship at least 50,000 packages/year, go through a long contract and account setup process with USPS, and then pay a middleman to provide software so you can buy postage with your account.

On the other hand, Thryft can give you the exact same Commercial Pricing rates by consolidating your volume with other Thryft sellers.

Pricing & Plans

Is there a fee?
By default, there is no monthly fee to use Thryft -- you can set up your site, create drops, manage orders, etc. for free. We do charge a small transaction fee on each purchase, and you can find our full pricing information above.
Do you offer any discounts to the platform fee?
Yes! We offer as much as a 70% discount on our platform fee if you meet certain volume or order value requirements through Thryft.
Do I ever have to enter my credit card/payment information to buy shipping labels or premium plans?
Nope! Any time your customer makes an order or you purchase a shipping label/premium plan, we'll either add or subtract funds from your "balance", respectively. If your balance goes negative, we won't charge you -- you'll just have to wait until it goes back up to pay yourself out.


How do I pay myself out?
From Settings > Payouts, connect your payout method to your Thryft account. Once you've done so, you can pay yourself out from your balance whenever & as often as you'd like.
Which destinations can I pay myself out to?
We offer PayPal, Venmo, debit card or bank account (the latter 2 through Stripe Connect). You can change your payout method whenever you'd like here: Settings > Payouts

Notes: Venmo is only available in the US, and PayPal charges us $0.25 per payout, so that slight fee would be deducted from your total payout value each time you choose to payout with PayPal or Venmo.
How long do payouts take?
For debit card, PayPal, or Venmo payouts: instantly (under 30 minutes). For bank account payouts: 1-5 days.
What does it mean when a payout in "in transit"?
Bank account payouts take 2-5 days, so this means that the payout has been initiated on our end but hasn't arrived in your bank account yet.

For Buyers

What payment methods can I use during checkout?
You can pay with Mastercard, Visa, American Express & all other major credit/debit cards + PayPal, Venmo (see below), Apple Pay (Safari), Google Pay (Chrome) and Afterpay (pay in 4 installments).
How do I pay with Venmo during checkout?
1. Make sure you are using Safari on iOS or Chrome on Android. To open Safari from the IG browser, tap the 3 dots on the top right > "Open w/ Safari".

2. Open your Venmo app & tap the ☰ icon > "Settings".

3. Scroll down to the "Buying" section, tap "Connect a browser" (or "Enable Mobile Web Purchases"). Connect the browser you're using.

4. Go back to the checkout page & tap "PayPal". You'll now be able to choose either Venmo or PayPal to pay.
How do I get tracking updates & information?
We'll automatically send you tracking updates on your orders to your email, and -- coming soon -- phone & push.
What should I do if PayPal is telling me "Thryft Corp doesn't ship to my address"?
This is a PayPal bug that occasionally occurs; first keep in mind that the seller does indeed ship to your address and this is just a generic error message PayPal shows.

Try exiting the PayPal window and clicking "Pay with PayPal" again. If that doesn't work, try "editing" your address in the PayPal window (you don't need to actually edit it, you can just enter the same address and click "save"). If this still doesn't work, feel free to reach out to us directly.
Do you offer buyer protection?
Yes! If you don't receive the item that you ordered, or it shows up significantly different from its description, you may qualify for Purchase Protection, and we'll reimburse you for the full purchase price plus any original shipping costs, subject to terms and limitations.