4 Ways to Leverage the IG Community to Grow Your Thrifting Account

According to top Instagram thrift sellers, leveraging the IG thrifting community is the best way to grow your IG thrifting business. Here are 4 proven strategies for doing that.

We asked top Instagram thrift sellers how they grew their business, and they told us that the best way to grow your IG thrifting business is to leverage the existing community to help grow your account. Here are the 4 proven strategies they used early on.

1. Follow Other Accounts

The easiest way to grow when you first start your account is by following other accounts. It's helpful to follow potential customers as well as other thrifting accounts that can help you grow (more on that later). While this method may be time-consuming, it's the easiest way to start growing your account. According to Cathy, owner of the Instagram shop @closet.by.cath, she "got followers by following other people" and says this is "the easiest way to grow at first." Cathy now has 19.5K followers on her Instagram thrifting account, and a loyal customer base.

2. Don't Be Afraid to Reach Out

Another key aspect of growing your account is reaching out to other accounts to make connections. According to Charlotte, owner of the Instagram shop @shop.girlies, one of the best ways to grow your account is to "reach out to the rest of the community."

Charlotte advises newer accounts to "pick out 2-3 accounts that you look up to and then you can see which accounts interact with those big accounts and then reach out to those people to see if you can make connections." She says that "80% of the time that I reached out they responded and we were able to have a meaningful conversation."

Through this approach, not only will you make friends and meaningful connections, but you'll also have access to more opportunities for growth through those connections, such as joint giveaways or SFS (shoutouts for shoutouts).

3. Do Giveaways With Larger Accounts

Joint giveaways are a very effective way to grow your account, especially when you do them with larger accounts. Here's how Cathy used giveaways to grow her account from a couple thousand followers to the 19.5K followers she has today:

"When I had a couple thousand followers, I would do a giveaway and invite a really big account (one with 15-20K followers) to join and I'd say I'd cover their giveaway costs if they joined the giveaway with me and 95% of the time they'd say yes. They don't have to pay anything and will gain some followers from it, and you will gain so much from them." — Cathy, owner of @closet.by.cath

4. Engage in SFS (Shoutouts for Shoutouts)

According to Katelyn, owner of @abitchforbrandy, and Jamie, owner of @shoppeachyapricots, engaging in SFS (shoutouts for shoutouts) is one of the best ways to grow your account.

Jamie said that she started out by DMing other accounts and asking them if they wanted to do a SFS. According to Jamie, "it was a lot of DMs asking for SFS." Doing SFS with other accounts also helped Jamie create meaningful connections in the IG thrifting community. "After awhile of doing SFS, you become friends," said Jamie.

Katelyn said she grew "a lot by promoting drops by doing 'shoutouts for shoutouts' with accounts with similar followings." This method is great because it helps you grow your account at the same time as increasing your sales for the current drop that you're advertising through the SFS. In addition to doing SFS, Katelyn also purchased shoutouts from other accounts when she was first starting.

Now that you have 4 proven growth strategies under your belt, you're ready to start making connections, fostering friendships, and growing your reselling business!

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