8 Killer Thrifting Tips on Instagram

New to thrifting on Instagram? Here are some tips that will help you when you start shopping on the best (and least well-known) marketplace for thrift & vintage goods.

1. Find a Few Sellers You Love

Instagram is the best place to find thrift sellers you'll love. You can learn pretty much everything about sellers & their inventory from just looking at their Instagram page, and you can interact with them in more ways than on any other platform!

Make sure to follow sellers you love so you can stay updated on drops, livestreams, story sales & more.

2. Know Your Measurements

Know what size you wear for your favorite brands and whether to size up or down on different items. Most top sellers will put item measurements in their post captions, and if not you can always ask. Loose-fitting clothes such as sweaters and jackets are always a safe bet.

3. Unique Items Are Better

Clothes that are one-of-a-kind are some of the best wardrobe investments you can make. Look for gems that you cannot find anywhere else.

4. Vet Items For Value

It never hurts to do your own research on items you plan to purchase. Read seller reviews on their website (Thryft provides this functionality for Instagram sellers) or story highlights. If you're unsure whether an item is drop-shipped, do a reverse image search on Aliexpress and Shein: this is the best way to avoid drop-shipped or over-priced products. For more common brands like Brandy Melville or Princess Polly, you can always search the item names on the original brand's website. And of course, you can always ask the seller -- top sellers will generally tell you the retail/purchase price of their items.

5. Read the Fine Print

Thoroughly read item descriptions for condition and sizing information. Again, top sellers will generally disclose/show item flaws in their photos and captions.

6. Keep An Eye Out For Coupon Codes & Bundle Discounts

Make sure to check sellers' posts & stories for promotions, bundle discounts & coupon codes. Sellers using Thryft can easily create coupon codes & bundle discounts, so oftentimes they'll post about these discounts.

7. Only Bid if You Will Pay Immediately

Don't get blocked! Make sure only to bid on drops & live bids if you can pay immediately -- unless the seller has explicitly told you otherwise. Trust is essential to the Instagram thrifting community, so make sure to uphold your end of the bargain.

8. Don't Miss Out on Story Sales & Lives

Story sales & live sales contain some of the best deals that you might not even know about! Sellers will often mark items down to make space for new inventory; we've even seen some live bids start as low as $1. Make sure to turn on your notifications & subscribe to countdowns that sellers post about their story sales & live sales.

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