We interviewed Katelyn, owner of @abitchforbrandy (https://abitchforbrandy.com), a well-known resell shop of Brandy Melville on Instagram. Read on to learn about her story and how Thryft is changing the way the way she does business.

When did you start your business and why?

“I started my business during quarantine! I had a lot of free time and wanted to try something new! I loved the idea of running my own business. I’m passionate about fashion and I’m majoring in marketing right now in college so it’s a great way to put my knowledge to work.”

What type of product do you sell on your website?

“I sell mainly brandy Melville clothes but also princess Polly, motel rocks, and some custom embroidered sweatshirts.”

How do you sell using Thryft and Instagram

“I have loved transitioning to using Thryft!! It has made many things so much easier for me! I do a lot of live bids and used to have a lot of back outs on my lives but wouldn’t notice until the live was over causing me to lose out on a lot of sales, but with Thryft it’s super easy to see real-time if people are paying for items they claim right away or not so I can easily rebid an item. I no longer have an issue with backouts on my lives. I also love how easy shipping is with Thryft. After I make sales I can easily ship just by putting in the package weight everything else (inputting buyers address, sending them the tracking, etc) is done for me! Last, I really like having my own customizable website with Thryft.”

How has scaling your business been?

“Overall scaling my business has gone pretty well! I grew faster during quarentine when I had a ton of free time. Now that I’m back in school I haven’t been growing as fast because of the added responsibilities of school taking up a lot of my time. This summer I plan to put more time into my business in order to grow and scale it more.”

How has your experience as a reseller been?

“my experience as a reseller has been really great!! I have sold on the apps Poshmark and depop for around 5 years and moved to selling mainly on Instagram about 8 months ago !! I love selling on Instagram the most because you can build your own page and brand. In addition to this Instagram has a much more personal feel where you can connect a lot more to your audience which I love! The thrifting community on Instagram is super supportive as well!”

Shop Brandy Melville items & more on her Thryft site: https://abitchforbrandy.com

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