Today we interviewed Cathy, owner of @closet.by.cath (https://closetbycath.com). She’s a top Instagram seller with over 18k followers — and growing! Read on to learn about her store & story.

When did you start your business?

“May 2020, almost coming up on a year and it’s crazy how much the account has grown since then. It all started with me doing laundry and realizing that I had no room in my drawers for the clothes I just washed so I went through my closet and got rid of things I haven’t worn in the past year. I didn’t want to donate it and I had sold on poshmark occasionally, but while I was on my instagram explore page I saw someone selling on instagram. IG is my favorite platform to use and then I wanted to try it out, I became more integrated in the community and learned about how people purchased clothes to resell and how to make money off that.”

What type of product do you sell on your website?

“ I sell thrifted and secondhand, whether that’s sweatshirts, tshirts, pants, and shoes. Everything’s pretty trendy, and items like vintage sweatshirts are popular with my customers.”

How has scaling your business been?

“I used to struggle getting all of my payments during drops, but now when I do a drop I’ll do prebins/prebuys on my drops so people have an opportunity to buy before posting on instagram. I used to not do that, then thought about giving people a fair opportunity because not everyone has time to be active during the drop itself. When I go live, my customers I use the invoice feature to pay, and they type in how much items were and really helps me streamline my shipping process and printing labels and not having to DM everyone individually helps save time.

My favorite tool on Thryft is the invoice feature, I’ve gotten Feedback from my customers and they say it’s a lot easier, before I used to use venmo, paypal, cashapp which was hard to manage, and I needed to make sure everyone paid me; sometimes I don’t get the payment notifications. While I’m live, I can’t check if payments have gone through since I can’t exit the Instagram app. I can easily refresh one page on my computer when I’m using Thryft and see when people pay me. My favorite aspect of the invoice feature is when customers put in usernames and allows me to refer back to what item they bought.

Previously, I used Shopify which was pretty expensive, can’t exactly remember the transactions fees but I do remember it being higher than Thryft. This helped me gain more profit and less fees. Thryft is a lot cheaper, I opted in the entrepreneur plan and it’s only 15 a month so a lot cheaper, definitely helpful in having more money for myself and for the products that I source. Another thing that’s helpful, ability to reach out to Sam and Capri to help walk me through setting up and having someone check in. Compared to Shopify, which is a big platform and usually larger brands use Shopify, I think it would take them a few days to get back to me, whereas Thryft has a much quicker followup.”

How has your experience as a reseller been?

“Pretty good, it’s a lot of work. I get around 10-15 DMs everyday from other thrift account  asking for advice. Some  of them are between 12-13 years old, which is so young! Handling money, shipping, and customer service is a huge responsibility. Sometimes i wish i had started this account sooner, but I’m glad I developed it when I did. When the pandemic happened, the thrift community got really big. I think this is attributable to people spending more time at home, and shopping online more.”

Shop Cath’s items on her Thryft site: https://closetbycath.com

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