We interviewed Ashley from @cloudthriftz (https://cloudthriftz.com). She's only a junior in high school, but she started her thrift account with her best friend during quarantine. In just under a year, she grew her account to 5,300 followers.

Read on to find out what she decides what to drop, how Thryft helps her sell more, and tips for scaling your thrift account!

Can you provide a quick introduction of yourself(es)?

Hi, my name’s Ashley and I’m going to be a junior in high school! Outside of my small thrift business, I play the violin (for about 7 years now). I have a huge shopping addiction so owning my account really feeds onto it. Not only that, but I believe in the importance of sustainability and running against fast fashion.

When did you start your business and why?

I started my business with my best friend, Andrea at the start of this account. Last year, during quarantine, everyone was making accounts to sell their clothes to earn some money and to get rid of old, gently used clothes. Because we were bored and had nothing better to do, we made an account as well! Starting from @ashleyandrea.closet to @aa.clothez to @aaclothezcoto now, @cloudthriftz. I never imagined it to go this far as when we first started posting, we only sold to the locals in our area. After about 100 sales in the first month, we decided to start shipping. I began to really focus on the outlook and aesthetic of our account: taking pictures in good lighting, plan drops, and editing/filtering everything. That is when our account started to grow and it made me really happy because it all paid off!

What type of products do you sell on your website?

On my website, I sell a bunch of preloved, secondhand clothing! I mainly sell brands like Princess Polly and Brandy Melville for under retail price that way it’s more affordable for everyone. Everything sold is either from my personal closet, depop, poshmark or other instagram selling accounts.

How do you use Thryft, and how has Thryft helped you run and/or grow your business?

I now use Thryft to sell on both my feed and on my Thryft website. I always upload items on my Thryft website first for drops to allow people prebin. About once a week, I also upload what I call “$ET PRICE$” for any extra inventory I want to get rid of that I don’t have a drop planned out for.

It not only helped me grow my business, but it also gave a lot more customers a chance to purchase from me as the payment methods accepted by Thryft are endless like every other website. And even better, it helped me ship packages internationally in just one click.

Before Thryft, I’d only accept Venmo and sometimes Paypal if needed- Thryft accepts credit card, debit card, apple pay, google pay, after pay, paypal and venmo < which barely any websites accept venmo as a payment method. I’d also only ship within the U.S. because it’s too much of a hassle for me to make international labels on Pirate Ship. All of these features allowed more of my followers to purchase from me, increasing sales and saved me so much time from making labels manually which was time consuming.

Many times before, my mailman would come early in the morning and I wouldn’t have the time to package, make a label, and put them all in the mailbox before the mailman would stop at my house. Now, when I hear the mailman coming in my neighborhood, I go on my phone, onto my Thryft website, and print out all my labels at once just in time before my mailman (packaging and printing everything within 3-5 minutes)

How has scaling your business been?

As I mentioned before, Thryft has made things a lot easier for me in terms of time and convenience! I love how I rarely have to deal with any back-outs because customers can just purchase whatever they want, whenever they want which makes things less frustrating for me while also saving me time overall.

How has your experience as a reseller been overall?

I really enjoy what I do as a reseller, owning a thrift business gives me a lot of joy and excitement in my life. I hope to continue my journey for as long as I can and become friends with everyone in the thrift community. Before this account was created, I owned many other accounts dealing with editing, filtering, and designing so being able to apply those skills in which I really enjoy has been great in improving my account as well. If you’re reading this and own a thrift account, this is your sign to sign up for a Thryft website! It’s truly amazing in every way: great service, easy and quick to start up :))

Shop Ashley's Thryft site for trendy items at set prices -- https://cloudthriftz.com

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