Thryft x Dots

As consumers, we unknowingly pay extra for everything we buy online.

Payment processors charge merchants exorbitant fees, and merchants pass those fees onto consumers. So far, businesses have put up with this because no alternative exists. Enter Dots.

Both Dots and Thryft firmly believe in putting the consumer first, leading to this natural partnership. Dots has built a cheaper payment processor that focuses on passing those saved processing fees back to you -- the customer.

In fact, you'll automatically get 2% off any purchase you make on a Thryft site using Dots!

To get started, just create a Dots account, connect your bank account securely and start buying using your Dots wallet today to save money at your favorite Thryft sellers.

Join Thryft and Dots as we pull money away from large corporations and put it back into the hands of regular people!

You can sign up for Dots here:

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