How to Grow Your Instagram Business by Creating Video Content

We asked top Instagram resellers how they grew their businesses through content creation, and here's what they said.

According to Sienna, owner of Instagram shop @ri.reclaimed, and Cathy, owner of Instagram shop, digestible video content is the best kind of content to create in order to help grow your Instagram business. Right now, TikTok and Instagram Reels reign over the video content space, so these are the best places to start. This article will cover their top tips for TikTok and Instagram Reels content, as well as some general tips for content creation.

TikTok & Instagram Reels

Sienna says she started out by creating fashion content on TikTok which gave her credibility with potential customers, and made her page a destination that people came to for fashion inspiration and tips. "I was making a lot of fashion-related content and people were trusting me for that whether it was fashion advice or finding cool stuff at the thrift stores," she said. Creating educational or inspirational content that would be helpful to your business's target customer base is a great way to increase trust and credibility while building relationships with potential customers.

Creating this kind of educational or inspirational content is a great way to attract customers to your business without posting a direct advertisement. For Sienna, creating this type of content spurred initial demand for her to start her business, and was how she gained her initial customer base:

"The first Tiktok that I ever had go viral was I thrifted a pair of jeans and then I painted a cow print on the back of them. My first Tiktoks were all thrift flips and the cow print one got like 500K views and people started coming to my page saying 'I want one I want one' so I started taking custom orders and that's how I first got a good customer base that wanted to come back." - Sienna, owner of @ri.reclaimed

Cathy, who now has 19.6K followers on her business Instagram, started out by creating similar content, but on Instagram Reels. Similar to TikTok, she explained that the beauty of posting Instagram Reels is that "you never know when an Instagram reel is gonna go viral." Today, Cathy keeps growing her following and customer base by posting 'thrift with me' videos and videos of her styling items from her upcoming drops, and these Instagram Reels get as many as 49,000 views each.

General Tips for Content Creation

According to Charlotte, owner of @shop.girlies, the most important part of content creation to is create content that you yourself would really enjoy and feed good watching. She emphasizes the importance of being satisfied with the content you put out, because "if you're not happy with what you're putting out there, that energy will be reciprocated" by your customers.

In summary, creating educational and inspirational content that you feel good about will help you increase trust with potential customers, increase your credibility, and help you grow your business by drawing people to your page in an authentic way.

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