Today we interviewed Julia, owner of @jepthreads (https://jepthreads.com/). She's become one of the largest thrift, vintage & embroidery sellers on Instagram in just 1 year! Read on to learn about how she grew her business & how she uses Thryft.

Can you provide a quick introduction of yourself?

Hi! I am Julia and I am 19 years old. I am based outside of Boston, MA and I am a full time small business owner.

When did you start your business and why?

I started my business in summer 2020. I first started off selling clothing from my closet on Poshmark. I decided to make an instagram account to try and make some more sales, which then turned into a passion for thrifting & reselling.

What type of products do you sell on your website?

On my website I sell both thrifted & embroidered items. Some of my favorite things to sell include Disney and anything vintage.

How do you use Thryft, and how has Thryft helped you run and/or grow your business?

I use Thryft for selling items my Instagram feed drops as well as my feed flash sales. Thryft has helped me a lot with organization since everything is all in one place. Before using Thryft, my customers would pay through Venmo or Cashapp and I found it stressful to keep track of everything on my own. It’s also made my business look & feel way more professional.

How has scaling your business been?

Scaling & managing a business can be tough, but I’d say as soon as I started with Thryft it has helped me with organization, shipping, etc.

How has your experience as a reseller been overall?

My experience as a reseller has been amazing! I have met so many wonderful friends in the thrifting community as well as so many great customers. I love that I am able to wake up and do something everyday that I am truly passionate about.

Any tips for other thrift sellers looking to start/grow their business?

My best suggestion to grow your business is to find your niche & target audience. Sell what you love & always be yourself.

Shop trendy thrift & embroidery items on Julia's Thryft site: https://jepthreads.com/

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