Today we interviewed Lilac, owner of @Lilacsvibe on instagram (https://lilacsvibe.shop). She specializes in re-vamping secondhand clothes by dying or sewing them. Scroll on to learn about how she's changing the way she does business with the help of Thryft.

When did you start your business?

I officially started selling thrifted pieces through Instagram around November 2019 as a hobby. It wasn’t until early 2020 that I turned it into more of a business after losing my two days jobs.

What type of product do you sell on your website?

I’m most known for my bleached t-shirts and reworked sets but I try to branch out & sell just about anything thrifted or second hand! Nowadays, I’m getting more into using my sewing machine to create patchwork tops & corsets.

How do you sell using Thryft and Instagram?

I direct my followers straight to the link in my bio where they can easily access listings or create one using the invoice feature! I find it extremely easy to use and super helpful for when I’m selling on Instagram live.

How has scaling your business been?

I go thrifting quite often and have definitely been able to keep up with what people want at the moment. At times it can be difficult keeping up with trends and putting out my best products but I’m excited to grow and learn more along the way!

How has your experience as a reseller been?

LIFE CHANGING. I can’t even believe I have so much support from people all over the world!

Shop Lilac's items on her Thryft site: http://lilacsvibe.shop

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