Today we interviewed Emma, owner of @lululemonlistings (https://lululistings.shop/). She runs a successful Instagram business reselling Lululemon. Emma is a junior in high school and passionate about dance, business, and sustainability. Read on to learn more about how she is promoting a more sustainable way to purchase trendy athletic clothing.

When did you start your business and why?

I started my business in early September of 2020 and it’s crazy to see the amount of support I have gained since then. I got the idea to start my business over the summer of last year. I was selling my old workout clothes on resale apps like Poshmark and Depop and I had lots of success selling items from lululemon and quickly saw a high demand for the brand as more people were shopping online due to the pandemic. In Late August of 2020, I saw another thrifting business appear as one of my suggested accounts to follow on Instagram and from that moment I soon created @lululemonlistings. By creating my lululemon resale business my goal is to share the love of the brand with others and promote a more sustainable way to purchase lululemon workout gear.

What type of product do you sell on your website?

On my website I exclusively sell new and gently used lululemon. Majority of the items on my website are thrifted and include many popular styles and unique, hard to find pieces. I also have a ‘sell your lulu’ program that helps my followers sell their new or gently used lululemon items on my page.

How do you use Thryft, and how has Thryft helped you run and/or grow your business?

Thryft has been very helpful in making my new drops easily manageable and time effective. I used to spend hours after posting a drop messaging customers and creating shipping labels. Having everything on my website has cut that time in half. Thryft makes it easier for my customers to see what is available and have an easy checkout process. One of my favorite features is the batch shipping feature which lets me print and calculate shipping all at once. I also enjoy the checkout link feature for when I post items items for sale on my feed.

How has scaling your business been?

I used to have a hard time managing dms and accepting certain payment methods. When I switched to using Thryft it made it possible to accept a variety of payment methods and made the checkout process straight forward for my customers. I love that all my orders are kept in one place and it keeps my business organized. In the past, customers would be worried about the credibility of purchasing clothing through Instagram, and I believe that having a website has helped to make my business more professional and trustworthy. Thryft has also been very cost effective and offers many features and analytics that are impressive for the price of the platform and while being more affordable than other services that I have looked into.

How has your experience as a reseller been overall?

Overall, my experience as a reseller has been amazing. Since I started, I have met so many kind thrift account owners and have become super close with many other sellers that are now my best friends. IG has given me the most success by far as a business owner and I’m so grateful to belong to such a supportive and continuously growing thrifting community!

Shop trendy Lululemon items on Emma's Thryft site: https://lululistings.shop/

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