Today we interviewed MaryClaire, owner of @mstyld.co (https://mstyld.co). She’s a popular Instagram seller who is changing the way she does business with the help of Thryft. Read on to learn about her store & story.

When did you start your business?

“I started this business at 15 (I am currently 16), and almost 2 years ago, sometime in august 2019. At first it was just a way to make a little money since I was unable to get a job at the time. I originally planned to do it for a short period but I met some amazing people and fell in love with the community.

What type of product do you sell on your website?

“I resell thrifted clothing.”

How do you sell using Thryft and Instagram?

“I use Thryft’s platform whenever I have a drop. I try to make listings before the drop and schedule it to whatever time the drop is gonna be. If I’m making a listing a little late, I just use the Instagram link feature to create the drop quickly. I love that we can make a listing using just a product link from Instagram. Sometimes if I haven’t been able to make the listings beforehand, this feature allows to do it quickly and very easily.”

How has scaling your business been?

“Before I started using Thryft I was very reluctant to have bigger drops. Even with just a few items, packaging and getting things ready to be shipped would usually take a long time especially since I don’t have anyone to help out. Thryft significantly cut down my packaging time so I’ve become willing to sell more items. It has also changed the way I take orders. Since people can now just order through the website and put in their information, the process goes by a lot quicker for both me and the customers, and I don’t have to worry too much about having to respond to everyone at once.

How has your experience as a reseller been?

“I’d say it’s been pretty good. They’re some times where it’s really fun and enjoyable , and other times where it’s hard to keep myself motivated. But it’s nice to have a supportive community. And despite the rare cases when there are problems with customers, people are usually understanding which makes things a lot better. Though sometimes it gets hard to balance my time between the business and other aspects of my life, I’ve enjoyed it a lot and it has been a learning experience.”

Shop MaryClaire’s items on her Thryft site: https://mstyld.co

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