Nail your summer style with these 2000s outfits as inspiration

2000s outfits are massively trending, and for a reason! These looks are effortless, cool, and just downright fun. We've seen style icons from Bella Hadid to Tiktok influencers taking hints from these iconic 2000s outfits and making them modern and fresh. As we come into the summer season, here's how to nail your summer style with these 2000s outfits as style inspiration:

1. Opt for a sexy slip dress for the whimsical summer style of your dreams

Here's what slip dresses looked like in the 2000s:

Introducing: The Modern Slip Dress

How to Style a Slip Dress to Nail Effortless Elegance this Summer

1. Pair it with a chic coat or blazer

  • Pairing a slip dress with an oversized coat or blazer is a great option for those summer days when there's a bit of a breeze and you want to look chic but not too formal. An oversized coat or blazer can add that extra bit of cool and tone down a slip dress outfit (especially if it seem too formal for a casual summer day).

2. Accessorize with chunky jewelry for that wow factor

  • Chunky jewelry makes everything look more chic, period. Especially in the summer, chunky gold hoops, a gold watch, or a gold necklace can bring your whole look together. Chunky gold jewelry is a great way to elevate any plain outfit and instantly look more put together.

3. Focus on your shoe game

  • When it comes to pairing footwear with your summer slip dress, you can either opt for cool sneakers or classy pumps - the choice is yours! A pair of chunky dad sneakers or classic white sneakers is a great option for toning down a slip dress and making it more appropriate for everyday wear. On the other hand, a pair of pumps is a great way to look chic and effortless for a summer night out or summer date night.

4. Pair it with a summer bag

  • For your average summer day, we want to keep the slip dress casual enough so that we don't feel like a crazy person walking down the streets. You can pair your slip dress with a slouchy, unstructured summer bag to keep the look casual. If you'd like to opt for a more structured bag, a smaller cross body is a great option for looking put together but not too formal.

2. Take a hint from halter tops

Here's what halter tops looked like in the 2000s:

Introducing: The Modern Halter

How to Style the Modern Halter Top

1. Pair it with trousers

  • Pairing a halter top with trousers is an effortless way to elevate your look! This is perfect for a nice summer dinner or date night where you want to be comfortable but feel like a million bucks.

2. Pair a fancy halter with a good pair of jeans

  • If you have a delicate silk halter, you can pair it with jeans or denim shorts for a balanced look that is chic yet casual. The juxtaposition between the delicate halter top fabric and the denim will make you look like a fashion pro!

3. Chunky jewelry. But you already knew I was going to say that!

4. Put your hair up or slick it back

  • When you put your hair up, it's easier to highlight the beautiful halter neckline of your top. A slicked back bun, messy bun, or butterfly clip updo are all great options for highlighting your halter.

5. Opt for a monochromatic look (bonus points if it's neutral!)

  • Pairing a neutral halter top with the same color of neutral pants will instantly elongate your figure and elevate your look. This is a great option for staying on top of one of today's biggest trends: neutrals!

3. Consider a Crop Top!

Here's what crop tops looked like in the 2000s:

Introducing: The Modern Crop Top

How to Style the Modern Crop Top:

1. Go for a ribbed, neutral crop

  • Ribbed crop tops are perfect for a casual summer look. Pair them with a good pair of denim jeans, white sneakers, and chunky gold jewelry and you're good to go!

2. Pair with jeans for a casual look

  • A casual crop top and jeans combo is a classic - just remember to accessorize! If you're opting for this casual look, consider pairing it with statement chunky gold jewelry, a cool pair of glasses, or a unique bucket hat to complete the look.

3. Pair with chic trousers or a standout skirt

  • If your crop top feels to casual and you want to elevate the look, pairing it with a standout skirt (leather, denim, silk, colorful, etc,) or a pair of trousers is a great option! If your crop top is neutral, find a statement bottom that will make your look more elevated.

4. Consider rocking a cropped sweater - cute, casual, and comfy!

  • A cropped sweater is the perfect way to feel super comfortable but also look like that effortlessly cool Parisian girl you follow on Instagram.

5. Remember the classic combination: white and denim

  • I don't know what it is about denim but it looks fabulous with white. Opt for a girly white crop top and your favorite pair of jeans and you will look effortlessly great.

... and now for some celeb inspo!

As we all know, Bella Hadid is the reigning queen of 2000s fashion! Her streetwear looks are the perfect combination of cool and chic - everything one would aspire to be. She is the perfect example of how to take these 2000s trends and style them with a modern twist. Naturally, this post wouldn't be complete without highlighting some of her best 2000s- inspired outfits from recent years.

Here are some pics of Bella Hadid absolutely slaying 2000s outfits (you're welcome):

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