@ri.reclaimed -- welcome to the team!

Today we chatted with Siena, who built @ri.reclaimed (https://rireclaimed.com). She's one of the largest thrift sellers on Instagram and is also one of the top thrifting influencers on Tik Tok with over 200k followers!

Also, we're super excited to welcome Siena to the core Thryft team! She'll be joining us as our marketing lead, bringing her product & marketing expertise both as a top Instagram thrift seller (and early Thryft customer) and as a successful Tik Tok content creator. Read on to learn about her story, how she grew her business, and more.

Can you provide a quick introduction of yourself?

Hi my name is Siena Filippi, I am 23 and live in MA. I run ri.reclaimed and do TikTok full-time! I went to The University of Rhode Island and studied Film Media and Business of Digital Media, which I believed has helped me grown my business to where it is at now!

When did you start your business and why?

I started my business August 2019 with my boyfriend at the time. It was never supposed to be a business, but a hobby for both of us to share. I really started taking a liking to it, and with TikTok, I started to see it grow. During the pandemic, I was forced to spend a lot of time alone, therefore, I had so much time to put into it, and make it the business it is today.

What type of products do you sell on your website?

I sell thrifted vintage, and upcycled clothing. I also have style bundles, and styling videos where I give people fashion advice!

How do you use Thryft, and how has Thryft helped you run and/or grow your business?

I use Thryft as my website, and it helps me run my business seamlessly. It is so easy to link products from Thryft to IG and vise versa. What Thryft has helped me most with is maintaining better stats, being able to ship within the site, and creating invoices for customers.

How has scaling your business been?

Scaling my business is something I am always working on. It can be scaled through many different aspects, but taking the step in creating a website for myself, definitely gives it a more professional feel. I also believe not only will I be taken more seriously by others, but it is another step in growing and creating a smooth running business.

How has your experience as a reseller been overall?

I have loved all of it. It is so exciting knowing you're making a positive impact for the Earth, as well as finding people clothes that make them confident and excited. I also love connecting with my customers and creating this community of others with the same passion and love as me.

Any tips for other thrift sellers looking to start/grow their business?

My greatest detailed tips are all listed in my Thrift Guide which you can find by clicking "styling options" on my website homepage. Some general tips would be to really build a community. Create a customer experience. Reach out to people, connect, learn about your customers. Consistency is key, and you have to have the drive to keep learning. This has been such a fun journey thus far, but it comes with a lot of new skills. You can't fail if you've tried your absolute hardest.

You can shop Siena's items on her Thryft website here: https://rireclaimed.com!

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