We're super excited to officially launch our V1, which contains some powerful new features as well as a more intuitive pricing model!

Thryft x Instagram Shopping

Instagram Shopping allows you to tag your products in Instagram Posts, and adds a 'Shop' button to your Instagram profile so that customers can explore your products directly on your Instagram page.

You can now set up Instagram Shopping directly from your Thryft dashboard in just a few clicks!

With our new integration, any new items you add to your Thryft website will automatically get synced into your Instagram Product Catalog, which means that once you set it up you'll be able to tag new Thryft products in your Instagram posts without any additional work!

The Thryft x Instagram Shopping integration is available in our 'Basic' and 'Thryft' plans & you can access it here: https://app.thryft.shop/integrations/catalog

a post w/ an Instagram Shopping tag linking to a Thryft product

Post to Instagram from Thryft

With our new 'post to Instagram' feature, you can add listings to Thryft and schedule them to automatically post to your Instagram as feed posts.

With templated captions, you can set up your scheduled posts in just a few clicks -- and you can schedule them to post whenever you want.

Plus, combine this with our Instagram Shopping integration, and you could potentially cut the time you spend posting stuff in half, while giving your business superpowers through Instagram Shopping!

This feature is available in our 'Basic' and 'Thryft' plans & you can access it here: https://app.thryft.shop/posts

our new 'post to Instagram' interface

Our New Pricing

Along with our new features, we've launched a new, more intuitive pricing model!

Instead of having 5 monthly plan options (with 3 on the same 'tier'), we have switched to a more standard 3-tier model, with a free tier and each premium tier unlocking more premium features and a lower platform fee.

You can check out details on our pricing on our pricing page: https://www.thryft.shop/pricing

a screenshot of our new pricing plans

Super excited for our Thryfters to use these new features to take their businesses to the next level.

Stay tuned for more updates -- we're working on some exciting new stuff including bidding, digital products and tax collection/reporting!

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