We're beyond excited to officially launch our V2, which includes two killer new features: digital products & bidding!

Digital Products

Thryft sellers can now sell digital products through their Thryft websites! These products can be anything from Photoroom presets, e-books, and PDFs to custom videos.

Sellers can now upload digital files directly for sale so that customers are automatically sent the digital products they purchase, enabling a much simpler ordering process for both sellers and customers.

Thryft Bidding

Perhaps our most requested and anticipated feature ever, bidding is officially available on Thryft!

Sellers can now enable Thryft bidding on any product, in addition to the standard 'buy now' option.

When bidding lurks in the comments of sellers' Instagram Posts (the current standard), sellers need to deal with back-outs from customers who send bids but don't pay, which is extremely painful and unfortunately too common.

Now, Thryft bidding can eliminate 100% of backouts by collecting customers' shipping and payment information prior to them even placing a bid so that if they win the bid, they will be automatically charged for the item at their bid price. For reference, this is the same mechanics as bidding-focused marketplaces like eBay, StockX, etc.

Sellers can set a starting bid price, which -- if they use the 'Sync from Instagram' feature -- can be automatically pulled from their Instagram posts.

In addition, sellers will no longer need to manually notify customers of updates to the bid price; instead Thryft will automatically notify bidders when they've been outbid or if they've won a bid.

And the best part? This feature is available to ALL Thryft sellers for free!

(L) placing a bid (R) submitting a bid

Super excited for our Thryfters to utilize these features towards boosting their revenue and profits and minimizing headache!

Stay tuned for more updates, we're always building exciting stuff -- including a mobile app for sellers that's coming soon.

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