I Set Up My Thryft Website, What's Next?

So you've synced some listings from your Instagram page to your Thryft website and you've customized your site's colors and fonts -- what's next?

Here's a short list of things you can do once you have your site set up to start successfully selling through your Thryft site!

1. Share Your Thryft Link

The first thing to do is to share your Thryft website link everywhere!

Your customers won't be able to shop your products without your website link, so make sure to drop it in your Instagram bio, TikTok bio, and post about your site on your story/feed!

You can copy your website link from here: https://app.thryft.shop/website

copy your website link

If you would like to set a custom domain (e.g. https://rireclaimed.com) check out our premium plans: https://thryft.shop/pricing

2. Connect Payout Method

Getting paid through Thryft is super simple & flexible-- you can pay yourself whenever and however often you want -- but first you'll need to connect a payout method. We offer payouts to PayPal, Venmo, as well as debit card/bank account.

Connect your payout method in Settings > Payouts: https://app.thryft.shop/settings/payouts

Settings > Payouts page

3. Configure Website Settings

We offer a lot of flexibility around your website's checkout/buying process, which you can configure in your website settings.

For example, if you want to increase your average order size, you can enable 'checkout upsells', which will recommend customers additional products of yours to buy directly on the checkout page.

Or, if you offer local pick-up, you can enable the 'Pickup/Delivery Option', which allows customers to choose whether they want to pick up their order or have it shipped to them.

Check out Settings > Website for all the options: https://app.thryft.shop/settings/website

Settings > Website page

4. Add Some Links (optional)

If you currently link to a LinkTree, Beacons, or Milkshake page in your Instagram bio, you can replace that with your Thryft site, because you can add links (Linktree-style) directly to your Thryft website!

This way, your customers won't need to click through your Linktree in order to get to your Thryft site; they can get straight to your Thryft stie and access your other links there too!

You can add Linktree-style links at Website > Links: https://app.thryft.shop/website/links

Website > Links page

Hopefully this article showed you a few things you can do to set yourself up for success on Thryft!

If you want to supercharge your business, check out our premium plans: https://thryft.shop/pricing for premium features like a custom domain, Instagram Shopping/product tagging, website analytics, photo background removal & more!

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